Simplafill S2000GR Weighing and Filling Machine
Technical Manuals
Simplafill S2000GR
What is it?
Twin head gross weighing and filling machine.
Special features:
All mechanical weighing.
What products can it pack?
Powders, granules, flakes, pellets and plastic beads.
What industries use this machine?
Food, non food, pet care, chemical, horticultural and masterbatch.
What packaging can it fill into?
Open mouth, valve sack, buckets and drums.
Min/Max filling weight?
5kg - 50kg.
Min/Max bag size (width x height):
350mm - 700mm x 300mm x 1200mm.
Typical accuracy:
0.25% of target weight.
Typical through put:
5000kg per hour @ 25kg fill (bulk density 700g / litre).
Power supply requirements:
None required.
Compressed air requirements:
None required.
Standard dimensions (HxWxD):
192cm x 120cm x 120cm.
Manufacturing material options:
All mild steel, all stainless steel (304/316) or any combination.
Other available options:
Please see .pdf product information download.
S2000 Weighing and Filling Machine Info Sheet
S2000 Weighing and Filling Machine Drawing
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